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 Ayana Janell McGaw 
"At a young age, drawing became my favorite thing to do every single day. From elementary to middle school, I always got in trouble for drawing and not paying attention. One teacher took my favorite notebook and sparkly pen and never even gave it back to me. Those were sad times lol!"
Ayana is a Freelance Illustrator and has a Bachelors degree in Fine art.
Ayana specializes in 
portraiture, some landscape art, realism, children books and book covers, album and shirt designs and character design.

She likes to focus more on whatever comes to mind. But drawing women with beautiful hair and pouty facial expressions isn't all that she can do.
Ayana loves to paint on the windows of businesses. She is currently experimenting with murals as she wants to open a wall painting business one day.

Her mediums are only digital, but can switch over to 
traditional. She loves experimenting with different types of mediums and styles.

Ayana studied at Pennsylvania College of Art and Design for 4 years and majored in illustrations. Along the way she created a kids book cover for Jamie Mazurski which has not been published yet.

Ayana is currently working on a coloring book of her own for all ages to enjoy.


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